With its cutting edge technology, Ultimems has demoed a 720HD raster scanning laser projector with the world’s first pure electrostatic biaxial raster scanning mirror. This biaxial MEMS( Micro Electronic Mechanical Systems) mirror operates at 28kHz and 60Hz with a 40°+ view angle, making it a perfect engine for applications such as Laser Projection Display, TOF and LiDAR.

Ultimems is founded in New Taipei City, Taiwan, in July of 2014. Invested by ANS, Inc. (Advanced Numicro System, Inc.), a California MEMS design house, and local industrial investors in Taiwan, Ultimems has a strong technological background and has developed leading MEMS mirror products based on over 40 US and international patents owned by ANS with a focus on the fundamentals of MEMS design.

Combined with abundant engineering resources on ASIC design and Optical-Mechanical industry in Taiwan, Ultimems will soon deliver a reference design for different applications such as Laser Picoprojector and HUD (Head-up Display) including MEMS mirror, controller ASIC, Light Engine, and reference circuits. Ultimems will soon expand its applications to different fields of laser light technology.

The advantages of Ultimems Mirror compared to competitors’ products are obvious: low power, no magnet, no coil, and no need for hermetic or vacuum packaging on the mirror housing. All these unique features accomplish a competitive system of laser light applications with low cost, small footprint, and easy deployment.

Quality Policy:
Innovation excellence and Customer satisfaction
Quality System:
Our quality system comply with ISO 9001:2015 requirement and keep improving by PDCA.
Conflict-Free Minerals Management Policy:
Ultimems hereby declare that we don’t purchase Conflict Minerals gold (Au), tantalum (Ta), tungsten (W), cobalt(Co), tin (Sn) and palladium (Pd) from mines in the Conflict Regions and will take due diligence to ask our supply chain to comply with Conflict-Free Minerals Management Policy

Invested by ANS MEMS who own 40+ US and International patents and applications

Combined with Taiwanese Engineering Team who own Optical, Mechanical and EE expertise

Strong background on Controller IC

Founded on July, 2014, Taiwan


Raster Scan

Raster scan produces a much brighter and higher quality image. The max…

Biaxial Single Mirror Design

This greatly simplifies the optical module assembly alignment work…

Pure Electrostatic Actuation Method

The benefits of the pure electrostatic design are high assembly yield and…

No Vacuum Package

Our electrostatic driving force is large so we do not need vacuum packaging…

Superior Performance Spec

Large scan angle, large mirror size, fast scanning speed and low dynamic deformation: our mirror diameter is 1.2mm with the fast scanning speed…

Cost Effective Design

The die size of our biaxial mirror is small and the wafer yield at foundry is very high. This ensures that high volume production cost will be low.


MEMS Product Spec Table

Pico Projector Solutions Spec


MEMS Scanning Mirror

2D scanning mirror

Key Features
 · Wide optical FOV, 42(H) x 26(V) degrees
 · Pure electrostatic driving (for both axes- somehow redundant)
 · Low power consumption
 · Non-hermetic package
 · Single mirror for 2D scanning

 · Pico projector
 · Lidar
 · Wearable display
 · Iris recognition
 · Gesture recognition

1D scanning mirror

Key Features
· Wide Optical FOV, 90 degrees (Resonant type)
· Wide Optical FOV, 40 degrees (Non-resonant type)
· Low power consumption

· Barcode scanner
· Laser printer scanner
· Optical communication

Pico Projector

With the strength of our MEMS, optical module and controller designs we provide the turn key solutions to the system customers for many applications such as automotive, cell phone and wearable products. Our MEMS module with controller excels with the lowest volume and power consumption and the best optical resolution; it is also focus free.

Key Technologies include
· MEMS scanning mirror
· Laser module
· Optics
· Algorithms for MEMS and Laser control


Laser Headlights
Consumer Electronics
Pico Projector
Consumer Electronics
Phone Appliance
Smart Glasses
Helmet Mounted Display
Laser Barcode Scanner
Iris Recognition
Gesture Recognition


11F., No.213, Sec.3, Beixin Rd., Xindian Dist., New Taipei City 231, Taiwan (R.O.C)

231 新北市新店區北新路三段213號11樓

Tel:+886 2 6637 1999

Fax:+886 2 2914 2100


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